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Initiatives as a company


Utilizing the world’s most advanced drone technology, we support all logistics bases from land and air.

・ Specialize in operations
We specialize in drone operations. (Demonstration experiment, material transportation)
We are also focusing on developing human resources who can operatethe drones. DFA has established and a training school which specialize in industrial drone operational training.

・ Asian exclusive license
We have two Asian exclusive rights to handle the world’s most advanced sky and land drones.

・Large drone
DFA handles Griff Aviation’s large industrial drone Griff 135 (maximum payload 70 kg, optimal payload 30 kg) in Norway and YAPE (maximum payload 70 kg, optimal payload 20 kg, maximum mileage 40 km) developed by Italian YAPE.


・ Liberal working system
Our work is basically done online, so we have no restrictions on when or where you work.
Rather than directly linking the reason for working to the business, we have created an environment where people can work while focusing on enriching their own lives.