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President’s career

Masaaki Hatano

Born in Indonesia and raised up in Australia.
After graduating from Aoyama Gakuin University, Masa entered the Chulalongkorn Graduate School in Thailand.
Masa first worked for a British consulting firm, but retired due to Lehman shock.

After that, in 2008, he joined “Manga Netflix” [VizMedia] as a founding member and started a business. Sold the company to Shogakukan in 2011.

In charge of investment for overseas startups at Rakuten and Recruit CVC since 2011, he has invested in a total of 14 companies.

After that, He found BeSomebody Inc. BeSomebody, an online programming school founded in 2015, achieved 100,000 students and was sold in 2017.

He became interested in the drone business because of his wife. She produced products on a remote island in Japan and was not easy to use the legacy transport system to bring the goods from the island to mainland consistantly. That was the original point where Masa got the idea to make a drone delivery company. Drone Future Aviation Inc. was founded in September 2017.

The goal of DFA is “building social infrastructure that dramatically improves the world”.