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Specialized unit for large drones

Daigo Matsubayashi

Born in 1973 in Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture. After graduating from Meiji Gakuin University, he was in charge of a major housing manufacturer at an advertising agency and won the Best Sales Award.

After working as chief manager at Johnny’s Office(the biggest talent agency in Japan) in 1998, he started his business in 2003.

​Currently, he manages consumer electronics sales EC, health food EC, restaurants, IT related companies, etc., and invests in multiple companies. January 2018, he joind DFA as one of the Direct and is primarily responsible for business strategy.

Chief Manager
Yohei Funabasama

After graduating from Gunma National College of Technology in 1999, he transferred to the Department of Image Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Chiba University (currently, Department of Image Science).

After graduating his university, he was in charge of weather CG program at Weathernews Inc first. After working at Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and Yahoo Japan Corporation, established PHC Plus Co., Ltd. in 2017.

His passion is in drones “I am interested in filming, edidting, flying, and maintenancing drones.

Koki Hino

Born in 1989. Born in Ushiku City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

Entered Chuo Gakuin University Faculty of Commerce in 2015.

Representative He joined the company in November 2018 in sympathy with the idea of Hatano.

Use his experience working in the construction industry to explore new ways to use the drone and construction industry.

Founder, COB, GRIFF Aviation​
Leif Johan Holand

Mr. Holand has been in the helicopter industry since 1995 and owner of Magic Air AS. His responsibility was as a helicopter gyro-operator and coordinator of helicopter mission for lager TV, feature film and commercial shootings. He has been CEO of a multimedia company Fuglefjellet and are now the head of GRIFF Aviation as the COB and business development. The goal for GRIFF Aviation is to develop the safest, most industrial UAS system.

Jotaro Hayashi

Born in 1996. Born in Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture. Keio University SFC student.

Felt a problem with the knowledge gap between the local and urban areas in university entrance examinations, and he was involved in the establishment a “learning cram school without lecture” and he also had several students in the local area.

Encountered Masa, sympathized with the ambition of building social infrastructure that dramatically improves society, and joined DFA

He attended several drone classes at college, and majored in drone business and data science.

Regional Manager
​Saito Norimasa

Born in 1988 and raised in Tokyo. I worked for financial management at US Air Force Base in Tokyo. Responsible for budget management in the building construction and facility management departments. I experienced a business trip and an interpreter job in the United States.

Studied abroad in Sweden from 2017. I studied hard on innovation business and smart cities. I sympathized with the balanced work and lifestyle of the Nordic countries, so I start work in local job and company.

After moving to Norway in 2018, I worked as online business. Now I work for regional manager from Norway for DFA, where I was impressed by DFA’s philosophy and GRIFF drone quality.


Rakuten, Inc.
Yuta Nodera​

Stand by C Inc.​
Fukano Tatsuya

Rakuten, Inc.​
Iwama Shinpei

Samurai Incubate ​
Kentaro Sakakibara